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Intelligent Decision Automation To Increase Profitability To Reduce Risk Exposure To Maximize Discovery To Expedite Engagement


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WGSigma's core idea is about connecting data together to create coherent information that can revolutionize business results. Our innovative Sigma runtime makes this possible in real time whether the data is structured, unstructured or interaction based.


After creating the Proactive Insight Engine being used for customer engagement by Amdocs, we have accomplish a break thru application of the Sigma technology to expedite information assimilation, support in-process decisioning and optimizing the value of multi-channel data.

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Based on 40+ man years of R&D, our products utilizes a unique blend of intelligence capabilties integrating to classic and cloud based IT business systems to achieve intelligent decision automation.


Our first application offering, 'Sigma iCRISK', is for the construction industry to optimize margins from the contingency budget and project reserves. Bringing together emails, job site text documents, contracts with the project schedules, Sigma iCRISK is an operations optimization tool for raising visibility of problems as they occur.

Not only can Sigma iCRISK raise timely alerts to maximize response time, it can also assist in what-if scenarios, associate information together for eDiscovery and maintain historical memory for knowledge continuity.


Our unique runtime platform brings together the raw capabilities to run applications like Sigma iCRISK. Sigma Server combines techniques in Enterprise Search, Probablistic Reasoning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing along with a Real Time Data Pipeline and adapters for connecting to enterprise cloud and on-premise IT business sytems.

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Wai Wong

CEO and co-Founder

Bill Guinn

CTO and co-Founder

Yip Ly

VP of Sales

Greg Verego

Senior Architect and Semantics Expert

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